See our Party Page for information on booking a party. 


You will receive this in an email after booking a party, unless you opt for a text preference for notifications. If you only received a text confirmation for your party, this is the important information to know for your party reservation. By booking a party at The Jungle Gym, you and your family agree to the following terms and policies.

Thanks for booking your party at The Jungle Gym! Our parties are 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you made a $120 deposit, your balance will be due sometime the week before your party. Please check our Party page to determine your balance. Our parties start at $220 for 12 or less kids, $275 for 13-18 kids, $330 for 19-24 kids and $385 for up to 30 kids. We look forward to a fun celebration.

Arrival: You may arrive five or ten minutes before your appointment start time to set up in the party room. Please don't hesitate to ask our staff if you would like a little help with setting up. If there is a party before yours, we will try to have it clear as soon as possible for your set up.

Departure: The party ends promptly after 1 hour and 45 minutes. All kids must exit the gym at this time. Our staff will begin clean up 15 minutes before the end of the party. You will have 5 or 10 minutes to clear out of the party room for the next party. If you would like additional time for clean up, you can request to go in to the party room a little earlier. We usually send the kids into the party room for refreshments after 1 hour of play in the gym. If you are the last party of the day and would like more time for clean up, you can request to add clean up time to your party. Each additional 15 minutes is $30.

Decorations: The party room is decorated with tablecloths, lights, a monkey sign that says Happy Birthday to your child. There also may be some birthday balloons that stay with the room. We don’t have theme specific decorations, but you are welcome to bring your own. We don’t allow confetti, glitter or silly string at our parties.

Bring: You may bring whatever food, snacks, pizza, cake and non-alcoholic drinks that you would like. You should bring any paper products and utensils you may need for serving your guests. Please let the staff know if you would like any help in the party room with serving. Otherwise we will leave you with private time with your guests until the kids come back into the gym. Keep it simple with cake or have a feast, it's up to you. Round Table Pizza will generously give a 20% discount off your order for the party! Just let them know it's for delivery to The Jungle Gym. We also have a refrigerator/freezer and microwave for your convenience. We are not licensed for alcohol.

Party Leader(s): Our party leader(s) will loosely structure the party with some activities or games and free time to provide maximum fun! However, please don't hesitate to let us know if you would like to enjoy more or less structure for the kids. They will also be happy to help you set up, and clean up. Please let them know how they can help in any way. Also, please feel free to let the party leader(s) know if you have a request for a certain game or activity and they will do their best to fit it in.

Time Line: As your guests check in for the party and sign a waiver, kids can explore the gym. After 15-30 minutes of exploration, the party leader will gather the kids for a greeting and possibly a group activity. Free time and other activities will follow. On the hour, guests will head to the party room for cake and refreshments. At this time the bounce house will be taken down. After refreshments, the kids can go back into the gym to play for the remainder of the time.

The staff will be happy to build a present castle for gift opening if you decide to do gifts at the gym, (if so, please let us know). If you would like to serve adults food as well, we recommend having them eat first, during the first hour while the kids are playing. There is seating for all the kids, but adult seating is more limited. We will try to be out of the party room when there is at least 15 minutes left so the kids can have a little more time in the gym. If you would like more than 30 minutes in the party room, let the party leader know, and we will go in a little earlier.

Clean Up:  As soon as a staff member is available, they will begin cleaning up the party room when the kids go back in to the gym, so that you can enjoy the party. The party will end promptly at the hour and 45 minute mark. At this time, all you will have to do is say goodbye to your guests and collect your gifts and remaining food/supplies in the party room. Please be conscientious of the next party coming in or for the end of the evening if yours is the last party.

Guest List: As you receive your rsvp's let us know by phone if you want to change the number range of kids you will be expecting so we can adjust our staff accordingly. Children 6 months and under are free, as well as adults. When estimating your total, don't forget your own children, siblings, and kids 7 months to 15 years old. If you end up having a few more guests than your reservation on the day of the party, we will adjust your balance due accordingly ($20 per extra child). If you end up with less kids, you will still be charged the balance according to the range of kids in the reservation. On warm days we will have our heavy duty fans going, but we do not have air conditioning. Guests should dress in summer clothing.

Extras: Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to add our Bouncy House ($30) or Bongo or Mango ($30) the monkey mascots to visit your party, so we can invite him! Piñatas filled with candy are available for purchase at the gym for $45. There is a $10 charge if you would like to bring your own piñata and our staff will take care of the safe set up and completion of the game.

Reservation Changes: If you find you need to change your party reservation or cancel, please call us at 206-248-3547. If you would like to change the time or date of your party at least 4 weeks in advance, there is no charge for rescheduling; 3 weeks in advance is a $30 charge, 2 weeks in advance is a $60 charge and less than 1 week in advance is a $90 charge to reschedule.

Cancellations: There is a $30 charge for cancellations more than 4 weeks in advance. Cancellations less than 4 weeks before your reservation will result in a $60 charge, cancellations less than 3 weeks before the scheduled party will be charged $90. Cancellations less than 2 week in advance of your scheduled party date will result in the forfeiture of the $120 deposit. There are no refunds for completed parties.

Waiver: You and your guests will be required to have a current online waiver at The Jungle Gym which can be done at the gym or ahead of time by going to our website and selecting the Registration tab at, follow the link and create a profile. Once the profile is created, the waiver is complete.

We look forward to a very special day for your child's celebration! Please call us if you have any questions. Thank you!