Spring Schedule


For more information and pricing for Open Gym, Parties and Kids Night Out, see their corresponding page.

Some classes have prerequisite skills.  If you would like us to evaluate your child to find the best fit,

give us a call and we would be happy to schedule a visit. It only takes about 10 minutes.



Your child must have a current membership to enroll in classes at The Jungle Gym.

Individual Membership $25 per year.  Each additional child is $10

40 minute class (Parent/Child and Preschool) 

   1 Class per week $70

   2x's per week $115

   3x's per week $160

50 minute class (Elementary)

   1 Class per week $75  

   2x's per week $125

   3x's per week $175

Once you are enrolled in a class, we will reserve your space in the class until you let us know otherwise. You may request to switch classes provided there is space in another class. If you need to miss a class, let us know and we can schedule a make-up in another class, provided there is room.You can also make-up in any open gym hour. You are allowed one make-up class per month.  You must be currently enrolled to do a make-up class. We don't prorate tuition for missed classes or give refunds.


Save on tuition by paying quarterly.

Preschool Class - 40 min.  

   1 Class per week $185  

   2x's per week $305

   3x's per week $420

Elementary Class - 50 min.  

   1 Class per week $200  

   2x's per week $335

   3x's per week $465


Giraffes  walking to 3 years

Monkeys   3 & 4 years

Zebras   4 & 5 years

Orangutans   5 & 6 years

Tigers 6 to 12 years Beginners

Leopards 6-12 years Intermediate

Jaguars 6 to 12 years Advanced

Gorillas 5-12 years Parkour